Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birth control options?

In June I got birth control for the first time ever. I planned on getting Implanon. However my doctor told me that I should get the Depo Shot first since they both use progestin. I had already read about the whole bone loss thing but got the shot anyway. I would hate to get the Implanon removed and waste all that time and money if it didn't work out.

Never again.

Well I suppose I won't be getting Implanon after all. The Depo Shot made me insanely tired and more depressed. Worst of all (to me) was the fact that I had NO sex drive. I still tried but it never ended well. No arousal = pain. That made my husband feel bad too. : / Luckily I didn't gain any weight. Seems everyone gains 20-50 pounds. Apparently it increases your appetite. I'm already hungry all the time but I'm really bad at actually eating. So I'm happy about that!

Anyway, Friday I'm going in to get another form of birth control since my shot will be up. It's REALLY tempting to just get it one more time since my husband will be going on deployment in 3 months. But the side effects help me resist. So my question is, does anyone have suggestions? I know side effects are different for everyone but it's better than nothing! 
I already said that my husband goes on deployment in 3 months but he's also on underways that last 3-5 weeks. Those are practically constant too. :( So I would rather not take the pill. The only other one I can think of is NuvaRing. Has anyone ever used that? Thanks for any info! :)


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