Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas? Not really

Well they didn't let Travis come home yesterday. And because some people are whiny babies I wasn't even able to go visit him. So I wasn't even able to see my husband and he's just a couple miles away! Next year they're going to be deployed so it'll be a while until we actually get to spend a Christmas together as husband and wife. He was so bored yesterday that he figured out that we've been married 228 days and have been together for 30 of them.

Instead of being totally alone I went to a friend's house. I spent Christmas with her and her husband, her mom, and four other single military guys. I was pretty bored most of the time and couldn't help but think of what I would be doing if I was home with my family and Travis. I had to try very hard to hold back tears. Besides that the weather makes it not feel like Christmas at all! I basically ended the evening with a massive headache and feeling sickly. So Christmas = not merry for Travis or myself.

At least I know that next year I'll get to spend Christmas in Indiana with my family. Minus Travis but still better than being here!


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